European style dinners are offered a couple times a week.

Our goal is to prepare meals with quality ingredients and fresh produce, local when possible, everything made from scratch and   with a dash of love.

Sample buffet menu

Price per person $42.-- - 45.-- plus tax.

Salads served with homemade breads

  • Spinach Salad with eggs and roasted pecans
  • Su Choy with oranges and walnuts on a                                                                                   curry dressingDSCN1215
  • Red Beet Salad on a cocktail sauce (if available)

Hot side dishes

  • Gnocchi alla romana (semolina) an italian heart warmer with parmesan cheese
  • Gratin Dauphinois classic french scalloped potatoes

Meat served with our whitewine cream sauce

  • Beef Tender Loin with horse radish
  • Gueggeli Kunterbunt a colourful chicken  stir fry (peppers, mushrooms, onions, broccholi, snow peas)


  • Blackberry Mousse with Kirsch and  almond croquant
  • Raspberry Yogurt Cream  with raspberry liqueur
  • Zitronekecks lemon cake saturated with freshly squeezed lemon juice and icing sugar

You’ll find some very soothing wines on our wine list, most of them from BC. In winter time you can listen to the fire crackling in the fireplace, the snowflakes dancing through a sleepy landscape, in summer you will watch some fabulous sunsets behind Hudson Bay Mountain (at 10 o’clock at night) and you can still go for a stroll at 11pm when dusk is just starting to set in!

(Sorry no evening meals in July and August)

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